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Accidents and Near Misses


Heads of Departments/Faculties and all Senior Staff are responsible for ensuring that the following accident/incident reporting procedure is followed.

They are responsible for ensuring that there are efficient procedures in place within their Department/Faculty for the completion of the appropriate Ravensbourne First aid Report Form 2015.doc and Accident/Incident Report Form and to report any accidents or incidents immediately to the HSE Manager and to ensure that investigations are carried out.

All Departments and Faculties should be aware that Ravensbourne is under a legal duty to report various categories of accidents and incidents to the Health & Safety Enforcing Authority.  It is therefore the policy of the College to encourage the reporting of all incidents that may have an occupational health or safety connection to the HSE Manager.

The HSEQ Manager is responsible for making the Statutory reports to the relevant Enforcing Authority.  Decisions on whether the incident is reportable will be based on the information supplied to the Health and Safety Officer in the report forms and on any investigations carried out subsequently.

The HSEQ Manager also has the responsibility to ensure that accident/injury records are regularly reviewed and statistics are updated.  He will ensure that reports and reports on adverse trends are made available to the Health & Safety Committee, the Senior Management Group and other Committees as relevant

Near Misses

A 'near miss' is any incident, accident or emergency which did not result in an injury.  The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 (RIDDOR) have a specific definition of a “dangerous occurrence”.  These are reportable in the same way as reportable accidents are.  Details of the events that are reportable to the enforcing authorities can be found on the "RIDDOR – what is reportable?" page on the HSE RIDDOR website

All near misses are to be reported to the HSEQ Manager immediately by completing the Near miss form.docx to ensure the appropriate actions can be taken. 

Procedure in the event of an Accident or Incident

  • anyone coming across an accident/incident that requires First Aid treatment must inform one of the First-Aiders immediately (Ravensbourne First aid Report Form 2015.doc).  In the case of an accident/incident which does not require first-aid then a member of staff must be notified.  Staff incidents should always be reported to the Senior Member of staff for that area;
  • any person coming across an accident/incident must remain at the scene with the First-Aider or staff member in case assistance is required;
  • in all cases where an incident has occurred (this includes injuries, near misses, dangerous occurrences and work disease related incidents) the Ravensbourne First aid Report Form 2015.doc must be completed with the form sent to the HSEQ Manager immediately. Where first-aid has been administered then this form will be completed by the First- Aider, for all other incidents the staff member called (or Senior Staff Member for staff only) should complete the form.  Please note under no circumstances should a Non-First Aider administer First Aid always contact a member of staff.  If a member of staff is not available then contact the Site Security Guard (numbers have been posted around the College).  If all else fails call the Emergency Services;
  • once the injured person has been treated the area must be made safe so as to prevent a recurrence of the injury or incident;
  • all accidents and incidents whether they involve injury or not or that first aid treatment has been given will require the Accident Investigation process to be enacted.  The Health and Safety Officer will contact the Senior Tutor for student incidents and the Senior Staff member for staff incidents asking that they undertake the investigation using the Accident/Incident Report Form as in line with HSE RIDDOR Guidance (see RIDDOR).

Accident Investigation

The College will take all reasonable steps (i.e. practicable and proportionate to the scale of the incident) to investigate accidents, reportable dangerous occurrences, and reportable diseases and take the findings into account in revising the relevant risk assessments.

The investigations are primarily the responsibility of the Senior Tutor in whose area the incident occurred in relation to students and the Senior Staff member in relation to staff. The investigations required will involve taking reasonable steps (e.g. enquiries and where necessary examinations and photographs) to ascertain the cause of the accident, dangerous occurrence or disease so as to enable the cause to be considered in the review of any relevant risk assessment.  In taking these steps, regard will be had to the severity or potential severity of the accident, dangerous occurrence or disease.

All accidents and incidents whether they involve injury or not or that first aid treatment has been given will require the Accident Investigation process to be enacted.  The HSE Manager will contact the Senior Tutor for student incidents and the Senior Staff member for staff asking that they undertake the investigation using the Accident/Incident Report Form as in line with HSE RIDDOR Guidance (seeRIDDOR).  This investigation will happen within 1 working day of the event occurring and it being reported in order to meet the legislative deadline for reporting accidents/incidents of 3 working days.

The report must then be submitted to the HSEQ Manager, who will consider if the accident/incident needs to be reported under RIDDOR.  Accidents involving LSC Funded Students will also be reported to Learning Skills Council.  The accident will be recorded and the record kept for a minimum of 3 years after the incident.  Where it relates to an activity that is covered by a risk assessment then a copy of the investigation report will be forwarded to the person in charge of the assessment(s) as soon as possible after its completion.

Senior Staff are also reminded that if any staff are not at work for more than 3 consecutive days because of a work-related accident then this needs to be reported to the HSE Manager as soon as they become aware of this fact, as he has to make a statutory report to the HSE.

NB: The day of the accident is excluded from the 3 day counting period but any days which would not have been working days are included (e.g. week-ends). This is because it is the severity of the injury that the Health and Safety Enforcing Authorities are interested in and this information should not be allowed to be influenced by individual working patterns.

The HSE Manager will process reports on accidents and advise where necessary, on the implementation of suggestions contained in reports on improving systems in order to avoid future accidents.

Heads of Departments/Faculties and line managers are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure the adequacy of any preventative measures employed i.e. this is not the responsibility of the HSE Manager.

Accidents during course of lectures or field trips (involving injury to students)

Accidents to students or staff whilst taking part in off-site activities need to be reported in the same way as if they occurred on College premises.

The member of staff in charge of the class/trip must carry out an on-the-spot investigation and complete the Ravensbourne First aid Report Form 2015.doc and the Accident/Incident Report form on returning to the College.  Both forms should then be sent to the HSE Manager.  A copy of the Accident/Incident Report Form should also be submitted to their Head of Department/Faculty.

Reports should address the underlying causes of accidents and should note links to any pre-existing risk assessments (or the need for future assessments) as well as giving specific information on remedial action taken or suggested to prevent a re-occurrence.

The Senior Management Committee will be kept informed as to the circumstances involved where there has been any serious accidents/incidents or if adverse trends have been noted in accident statistics.

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